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I Give My Heart To You

by A Broken Bleeding Soul

My heart feels so complete
Now that I'm with you
A love like ours will last forever
A love so pure and true

If I were to ever fall
And lose all of my sense
I know you'll be there for me
To make me feel less tense

Before I knew just who you are
My life was such a mess
You came and saved me from my hell
So now I must confess

I'm trusting you with my heart
It's all that remains of me
So please try not to break it
Please handle it carefully

I know that I am safe
When I look into your eyes
When you hold me in your arms
And silence my painful cries

You're mine to hold and love
And I promise I won't let go
Please promise me the same
And tell me you love me so

Every morning I'm so happy
For you're the one I wake up to
Please see that I love you dearly
I give my heart to you