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I Was Waiting

by Carmen

You left me last week,
Leaving my heart broken and weak,
The only thing that kept me going was the thought of you,
Because I truly believe our love is true.
You told me you love me,
That when you left, I'd finally be free,
You said I deserve more,
And a young, foolish, man so poor,
Doesn't deserve a girl like me,
But I really don't care, can't you see?
I love you for you,
Not for what you can bring through.
Yesterday, you came back to me,
And then I could see,
That you love me no matter how far away,
Our love for each other will always stay.
Although I didn't know if you'd be returning,
My love for you is always churning.
I waited so we could be together,
Living happily... forever.