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My Love

by *Edwin*

This is for you,
The one I think about all day,
There are so many feelings,
And things I want to say.

You make me so happy,
I smile a lot more now,
I keep asking myself,
Where when and how?

I have so many worries,
Of the future I can not see,
Because I cant see me alone,
And with you I want to be.

But it will all be ok,
We’ll take it day by day,
Because no matter what happens,
I’ll remember you in every way.

How you made me feel so special,
And put a smile on my face,
So I hope we don’t split apart,
Because after you I will chase.

You are so very special,
I wouldn’t dare to let you go,
Because you’re my beating heart,
And my sunshine glow.

You have no idea,
The way you make me feel,
I couldn’t believe it myself,
So I had to check if it was real.

I know I am not dreaming,
But in my dreams you lye,
Because to have you leave,
I would rather die.

It’s you I think about,
Every time I close my eyes,
When we get a chance to talk,
I can feel my temperature rise.

Ill wait for you every day,
Or how ever long it takes,
But my heart is so very fragile,
Lets hope it never breaks.

So we’ll just wait for that day,
When our love will truly start,
But be very careful,
Because you now have my heart.