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So Much More

by ** JeNa **

He’s always there when I need him
and never gets mad.
We never even fight.
That’s something that makes me glad.

He calls me every weekend
and says I love you every night.
He’s someone that makes me happy
and makes things seem so right.

Although he’s not my boyfriend
he’s much more than a friend.
I can no longer hide my feelings.
This is something I can’t pretend.

I know I love him
and he feels the same.
He might not live here
but no one can put out this flame.

He always makes me happy
even when things are really bad.
When I talk to him everything feels great
but when I’m not I feel so sad.

This love I have is special
and different from one before.
This isn’t just a four letter word.
It’s so much more!!!