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If Only I Had You

by Jesse

If only I had You, my dreams would come true
We would be together, just me and You
We’d be the same, as we were in the past
This time I promise, that it will last

If only I had You, we would cry no more
We’d wipe each other’s tears, and end the war
We would make it better, with a brand new start
We’d start from scratch, with open hearts

If only I had You, here, next to me
I’d show You I care, I’d make You see
That we belong together, that we share a soul
One day You’ll see, someday You’ll know

If only I had You, I’d make You mine
I’d kiss You softly, like the first time
I’d make You remember, just how it felt
To look in my eyes, and make You melt

If only I had You, my life would be straight
I’d be complete, with my soul mate
You might think I’m crazy, but I feel it’s true
I want my Cutie back, I want You