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Every Person's Question About the One They Love

by ShyandInnocent

What is this? What do I feel?
What do I do? Is this really real?

We were good friends, it happened so fast.
We grew really close and a trust that would last.

We hung out, we talked, we joked, we schemed.
We poured out our hearts, secrets, and dreams.

When did this happen? When did this start?
You're now in my mind, you're now in my heart.

I see your face, I see your smile.
I hear your voice, please stay awhile.

I long for your kiss, I long for your touch.
I wish you would hold me and say you love me so much.

I can't keep it inside. Oh! What do I do?
Do you love me? as much as I love you?

Do I say that I need you? Do I say what I feel?
Do I ask you to love me? Say my heart's your's to steal?

But what if you run? What if you leave?
What if you laugh or just don't believe?

I guess just for now, I'll keep it inside.
I won't say a word till you want to be mine.