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Priceless Love

by Ann Stareyes

Before my journey in life is over,
And those final steps I take,
I've left you one last poem,
Before it could be too late.

Look beside my bed,
In the old trunk I've had for years,
There you'll find it,
I pray it don't bring you tears.

My Love,

These last words I want you to remember,
And cherish for the rest of your life.
I Love You so much, Darling,
It was a honor being your wife.

You were truly my soul mate,
That filled my heart with love,
A love that was so genuine,
I'll now carry with me above.

You continue to live life to the fullest,
And live out all your dreams,
Always look after our family,
That's what made my heart beam.

Our Love was always very sacred,
And truly a blessing to me,
You were the magic in my life,
And now you have to set me free.

Well I'm gonna go now,
This I had to say,
I'll be waiting for you, my Love,
When you join me someday.

I Love You,