Read Love Poems


by Matthew


We were out for walk when I turned her way
Your not gonna like it but I have to say

Her face went pale and she put up her guard
Knowing my news would hit her hard

I said I can't love you, I'm sorry, I tried
It was her left eye that teared, but her heart that cried

She said I hate you and she turned and ran
She looked back and yelled, you're not even a man

I chased after her, though she drifted from sight
I was so scared now, concerned that she might

I got to her house, my worst fear came true
As she stood holding the knife, she yelled screw you

It took this moment to help me see
That I truly loved her, and she truly loved me

Now my love is on the edge, and it wasn't an act
I told her I loved her, that I took it all back

She said it's a lie, you don't love me
But this kitchen knife does and it can set me free

I started to beg, please honey, no
But she closed her eyes and in it did go

It was so much pain she couldn't stand anymore
She dropped to her knees, then down to the floor

I ran to her body and crouched at her side
The pain I was feeling I couldn't hide

It was all my fault, that my love took her life
It may as well have been me, holding the knife

I held her hand, and touched her face
I tried to stop the bleeding just above her waist

The last thing she said is forever in my mind
That I killed my true love and that's hard to find

I told her I loved her and I started to cry
She turned her head away, and silently died