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We are together

by Jenny Sys

I have been with you,
For not so long,
But these feelings inside,
They're oh so strong.

It's like my prayers have been answered,
God heard my cries,
Now I have you with me,
And there's no lies.

I have grown into a bundle,
A bundle of feelings, that,
Make me feel happy and warm,
I tell you this a fact.

I have always wanted us to be,
I now have you in my arms,
You are so wonderful,
You're great with your charms.

I can't get you off my mind,
I get nervous before seeing you,
I feel great when we're together,
No matter what we do.

Thank you very much for not caring,
Not caring what x, y, and z say,
I want to be with you more forever,
I want you more than a few days.