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Whiskey Goodbyes

by **Just Her**

He would pull her close
And whisper his dreams into her ear
He told her everything
From his happiness, to his fears

She fell in love with this boy
The one who would not break her heart
The one who wanted to see the world
And wanted to see it with her from the start

But he soon became distant
His faith seemed to be misplaced
His smile was not as bright
And she could barely recognize his face

When she looked into his eyes
She saw no shimmer of light
Only dark path ways
That used to shine so bright

She asked why he did not whisper,
Why his voice became numb
But his answer was simply vague
She wondered what he had become

One night after hours of thought
She finally decided how she had to feel
She was falling out of love
And was losing what was real

So she went to his house
And stood on the steps by his door
She took a deep breath
And was scared like never before

She knocked and waited
When no one came, she went inside
She would leave him a note
That would sincerely confide

When she went into the kitchen
For paper and a pen
She saw him rocking in a corner
With a bottle of whiskey in his hand

She tried to leave without a sound
But her footsteps were too loud
He lifted his head that was curled in his knees
And he stood up from the ground

He walked towards her
She was frightened, but stayed in place
He stared into her eyes
And brushed the hair from her face

He whispered into her ear
“I’m sorry for what I have become,
Dreams are only dreams
When your faith comes undone”

“I wish I could give you the world
And be the boy you want me too be”
A single tear slipped from his cheek
And another that he didn’t want her to see

She could not help but let a couple fall too
Everything had changed, everything she knew
He drank away the whispers
The dreams, happiness, and fears too

He asked her to leave as he turned away
Not wanting too, she walked to the door
She turned around to see the darkened eyes
Staring at her from the floor

He picked up the bottle and began to drink
She closed the door and cried
She never stopped loving him
And even years later, all she ever does is try

See love did not come from his appearance
But it came from the past
Now she lived on better memories
The ones that faded much too fast