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One Small Look

by Jane

This was there story,
Of love at first sight,
From two different backgrounds,
There love took flight.

She sees him,
Every day,
She don’t want,
To look away.

He’s never sees her,
Doesn't know she there,
Doesn't know she exists,
Doesn't even care.

But today is different,
Today he sees,
He looks at her,
And can’t believe.

She so full of sadness,
So full of hate,
Looking at her,
He sees its fate.

He knew his life,
Had changed that day,
One small look,
Gave it all away.

They were never the same,
Since that day,
They’re love being shown,
In everyway every

They are inseparable,
Always seen together,
Never seeing one,
Without the other.