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This pain

by MJ.

I need to move on, I have to escape
But I can't seem to find a way
Out of my sadness and this pain
That's slowly driving me insane

I wish I could let the past be
But there is just no chance I see
To let you go, cause my heart just can't
I don't know why and I don't understand

I keep telling myself that I don't need you nomore
And that I could live life without you just as before
But everywhere I go, you're on my mind
And I see I don't have the strength to leave you behind

Without you I'm nothing, I feel so lonely
Every night I wonder if only
You were here with me, I'd never let you go
Cause now that you're gone I came to know

I need you more than I thought I would
And before, this I never understood
But I realize too, it is too late
And this pain is part of my fate

This fate is something I wasn't able to fight
You walked away, out of my sight
I know that you won't ever come back
Every second my heart seems more to crack

Why did I ever fall in love with you?
I want you so much if only you had a clue
How much I miss you and need you by my side
But I just can't help but to hide

All these feelings that I still possess
And all those things I need to confess
Cause knowing that your love for me has died
Just leaves me with all the tears I cry

And a mouth that is sealed to never let you know
That I can't find a way to let you go
A heart that's broken and a smile I pretend
Until this pain has come to an end ...