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I still

by Confused Chick

I still miss you
but not like I did before
the intense aching I felt
isn't there anymore
I still whisper your name
not as often as i used to
now it maybe once
before the day is threw
i still hear your voice
replaying in my mind
but its fading now
soon silence i will find
i still long for you
to feel your touch
but its not like before
i don't dream it as much
I still think about you
and wonder how you are
but my feelings have changed
and they don't go as far
I still feel you sometimes
maybe you are thinking of me
or maybe its just a little memory
of how it used to be
I still love you
but its just not as strong
because I'm letting you go
so we can both just move on
I still hear you say
No one will love me like you do
Thats hard to believe now
After the hurt you have put me threw
You still have a piece of my heart
because i always felt you here
Now i am hoping and praying
that, that too, Will quickly disappear
This will be my last goodbye
I have nothing else to say
Everything I felt for you
Can now just fade away