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I tried to be me

by The Angel of Secrets

I try to be me,
But it's so difficult,
so I try something else,
I try to be an adult.

What if they don't like me?
I think that everyday.
And somehow I come,
to think "no way"

They will never like me,
if I am myself,
They will hate me,
and I will be put on a shelf.

A shelf of the forgotten,
a shelf for those who waren't good enough,
so now I am,
living this bluff.

I can't be myself,
ever again,
There will come no good,
only pain.

There is one thing I don't want,
even more pain,
so if I am myself,
I will have nothing to gain.

But I have to try,
My heart says to me,
And it's to bad for them,
If my soul, they can not see.

So I gave it a try,
and to my surprise,
They liked me as I am,
and I'm finished with the lies.