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In Love

by Elissa

When there's that special person
You just can't get off your mind
If you look in your heart
That person you will find

No matter how much they hurt you
They still mean so much
Because you feel as though you'd die
Without there gentle touch

And when your with them
You feel so free
There is no doubt in your mind
That this is how it's supposed to be

You feel so happy
With them by your side
You step out of the shadows
For there is no more reason to hide

You walk out of the darkness
And into the light
They make your life happy
They make everything right

They take away your confusion
They take away your pain
They show you the bright side
And all there is to gain

Life is worth living
Your smile won't go away
Everything is perfect
In every single way

You know what your feeling
And you look up above
Everything is beautiful
Because your in love