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Why Can't I Fly?

by Tara

The sky is newly rising
As I say goodbye,
I do not feel like crying
My eyes have turned so dry.

Your voice is slowly fading
As I turn my head and I
Give up on all my waiting,
Why can't I just fly?

High above my every fear
I'd know just what to do,
I'd hold you close and pull you near
Embraced with love for you.

Soaring through the gentle clouds
With no aching pain
Or words to taunt my lonely doubts,
Just you amidst the rain.

Which at last falls down to the floor
From my reddened eyes,
And if you say you'd love me more
I'd come down from the skies.

Only then could I show you
True, deep feelings I hid and I
Could fall in love at last then too,
If only I could fly.