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A Dream's Awakening

by Kilara

Permit me to tell you a story
Of a night I remember so clear.
A vivid, imaginary dream,
But one I still hold dear.

My thoughts were in turmoil
My heart pounding in my chest
Practicing what I would say
When I saw you at last.

That time came all too soon
As I climbed the ramp way up
While I watched people file in
And trembled like a newborn pup.

I stood leaning against a wall
And stared at my shaking hands
Then something caught my eye
Recognition of a single man.

His smile at me was gentle
Affection shone from his eyes
And all my eloquent greetings
Vanished that instant in time

Tongue tied, I could not speak
All I could do was stare
Into an ocean of endless blue
Just you and I were there.

Time stood still for a moment
As you took me into your arms
And I poured my heart into you
While you held me, safe and warm.

It all happened in an instant
But I know what I would say
If I could do it over again
And not be so afraid.

I would tell you how in that minute
You changed everything I feel
And how at night I lay before slumbering
Knowing something true and real.

If I told you I reach for a pillow
And pretend that it is you
How would you react knowing that
Before I sleep, I already dream of you.

A dream within a dream
Is surely just a lie
Because every day I talk to you
I feel that dream inside.

The images are vivid
The pictures very clear
Remembering your face
When you were so near.

I would lie awake within the dream
And stare at you by my side
Just to listen to you breathing
And knowing I could not hide.

No more secrets did I have
As I laid there beside you
Running my fingers in silken hair
And watching the day dawn new.

I leaned over and kissed your cheek
And whispered in your ear
That you shattered my protective walls
The ones I kept so near.

These things I never told you
The time just seemed not right
I found a home within your heart
As I felt it beating that night.

The dream clouds dissipated
Along with that protective shell
And I only had you to hold
Now knowing that I had fell

I found not the dream but reality
The day you opened my heart
And all my emotions poured out
When I awoke with a start.

I found you hovering above me
Kissing me awake
From that moment on my love is yours
Until my dying day.