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Together Again

by ** JeNa **

Finally the day has come
when we're back together again.
I cant wait till I see you.
I hope that day will never end.

I'm so glad we're together,
words cant express how I feel.
One thing I know is I love you,
and I forever will.

You know how to make me laugh ,
and always make me smile.
Everyday with you is great.
Every minute I talk to you is worthwhile.

You always say you love me,
and I cant help but feel the same
This love is different from before.
What we have is not a game.

In the past I've been hurt,
and you made the pain go away.
No one has ever done that before,
and I've never felt this way.

This love we have is great,
and I never want it to end.
All I can say is that I'm truly happy
beacuse we're back together again.