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A Moment Of Pure Love

by B4BY BLU3 X

Everything was perfect
The sun was shining
The birds were singing
And you looked great
I felt fantastic
Just standing near you
Staring at you
Daydreaming about you
Loving you...
The you looked at me too
Asked me what was wrong
...But nothing was wrong!
Everything was fabulous!
But then I felt a sudden urge
My confidence wanted to burst out
I stammered...
With thoughts of heartbreak in my head...
Thoughts of Ben
Flashbacks of the times with him
Flashbacks of how I lost him
Flashbacks of me crying over him
And I was reminded
Of how much I loved Ben
Till he broke my heart
Time and time again...
Tears in my eyes...
Ans scared..
I turned around to you
Hugged you tight
And whispered "I love you"
Tears now running down my cheeks
Then I whispered..
"I do not want to lose you"
I pulled away
With red eyes
Scared of your reaction
Then you looked into my eyes
And told me you loved me too
With a smile on my face
And a heart of happiness
You hugged me again
I felt the love within us
Not wanting to leave this moment...
Wanting it to last forever...
But I know
Nothing lasts forever
Everything has to end...