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Do You Really Love Me?

by B4BY BLU3 X

My phone beeped
My heart skipped a beat
Hoping it would be you
Telling me how much you loved me
But it was not...

Do you even miss me at all?
In this pool of misery, I crawl
Hoping to see you soon
Crying under the light of the moon

Sometimes I wonder if you really love me
Or is this some kind of sick joke that you find funny
To string me along
And lead me on

But little do you know
The longer you lead me on
The stronger my love will grow

The deeper I fall
Wondering if you love me at all
You got me crying all the time
But yet, I still smile and say "I'm fine"

You obviously do not know how much you mean to me
The way I am around you, you just do not see
That I am truely in love with you
Got me wishing I was in her shoes

How much longer will this feeling last?
When will it finally be a thing of the past?
Or will it go on for eternity?
With me thinking that you are in love with me...