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Not the end

by MJ.

You gave me such a special feeling
That everything in my life is right
I knew that I won't have to worry
As long as you're in sight

When I needed someone
You always had my back
With you I was so happy
There was nothing I seemed to lack

You had all of my trust
There was nothing I couldn't say
When something depressed me
You told me it'd be okay

Talking to you was so easy
I could tell you all that I'm about
You'd make everything better
You took away all of my doubts

You were my love, my soulmate
We lived in a world of our own
I knew that with you by my side
I'd never be alone

Time with you flew by so fast
But it would never be forget
Everyday with you was as special
As the first day that we met

What we had was more than friendship
And even greater than love
It was a bond that no one could break
Not even God from up above

We'd always stay together
With the promise of loyalty
I knew we could reach forever
Because we were meant to be

But then that very day
All at once my world broke down
I walked over to your place
But you weren't around

Nobody was at home
My heart suddenly turned cold
When I looked over to your front garden
And saw the signboard 'To be sold'

I couldn't believe what I saw
I thought that my eyes got me betrayed
But I realized it was no dream
My life began to fade

He moved out of town
And didn't tell me so
Why? Why didn't he even want to say good-bye
When he was to go

But then I saw something
Lying on the floor
A little, white envelope
In front of his front door

With tears in my eyes I opened it
Slowly and aware
The only thing he left behind
I treated it with care

I read out loud the words that it said
'Dearest babygirl,
I love you so much and would never want to hurt you
Because you are my world.

I wanted to tell you sooner
But I didn't have the heart
To tell you that this very day
We'll have to go apart.

You were truly my love
And will forever be
Eventhough we're far apart
You'll always be with me.

I don't know why God did this to us
But he can change destiny
But forever and for always
In my heart, it's you I'll see.

Nothing will ever change that
Even when the world would fall apart
I will keep you forever
Deep inside my heart.

What I try to say is
I will love you forevermore
Eventhough we won't see each other
As we did before.

I'm so sorry, please forgive me
But I couldn't have beared to see you the last time
Cause if I would have done so
I wouldn't be able to say good bye.

So with this letter
I say my last farewell
If we will see each other again
Only time will tell

But I hope you won't forget me
Like I won't ever forget you
Because you are the only girl in my life
I shared my love so true.'

I held the letter close to my heart
Letting another tear drop
As the other ones would fall
Without being able to stop

This could just not be the end
Why did it have to be this way
In that very moment
I wished my life away

But then I turned the letter around
And saw another note
'And babygirl, never forget',
Colon, he wrote

I want you to keep smiling
Because I can't take it you being sad
Just keep them inside your heart
All the times we had.'

with this again, I started to cry
Knowing someone like him won't happen to me again
But I knew i'd have to hold my head up high
Because this would not be the end