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by The Angel of Secrets

All these things,
I wanted to say,
But all you ever wanted,
was just to play.

You left me for her,
The prettiest girl in school.
So now everyone,
thinks of me like a fool.

You never wanted me,
you wanted a girlfriend.
And with me you knew,
that it was sometime going to end.

You knew it so well,
that I would never break up with you.
So after a while,
My heart, away you threw.

I am the one,
who got dumped by you,
And you say to everyone,
You never thought of us as true.

So I'm sitting here,
crying my eyes out,
and remembering you breaking up,
without a single doubt.

You left me alone,
with my heart totally broken,
and all these words,
that was left unspoken.