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Crazy Feelings

by Crissy

There's something crazy about this
Words just can't explain
The feelings are out of this world
And my stimulation is insane

I've never felt like this before
So i know I'm acting naive
Even though it's all brand new
I don't want this feeling to leave

For some reason I'm not really scared
Just a little bit uptight
And even though i know I'm nervous
I feel like this is right

The touch of your hand
Gives my hole body a chill
I can't believe it's really you
That's making me feel this unreal

All you have to do
Is slightly kiss my lips
And I sink into this magic light
My hearts in a total eclipse

I'm doing all the things
I've never done before
But every time i try to stop
I do it more and more

You're everything I've wanted
Though I never would have guessed
I feel so special in your arms
I know I'm truly blessed

My butterflies are going crazy
I'm trembling from head to toe
All because you wrapped around me
And said you'd never let go

How did this happen?
It was so unexpected
Yet I'm loving every second with you
I'm completely connected

I think I'm falling in love
Nothing feels like its wrong
It's the perfect picture for a frame
And the perfect course for a song

We belong together
I feel it in my heart
I hope I love you forever
And I hope we never part