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The Shower of Love

by Prince Enigma

I been waiting my entire life,
For this moment with my darling wife,
As I dropped rose petals on the floor,
Making a rosy path to the bathroom door,
To finally prepare for a night to remember,
On our anniversary month of November.

Mesmerized by the beautiful scent,
As she entered the household,
Quickly my hands cover her eyes,
Gently putting on a blindfold.

Whispering into her ear,
"Don't worry its me",
As I lead her toward the bathroom,
And let her free.

Her arms and hands let loose,
She attacked me like a wild amazon,
Fiercely, tearing of all our clothes,
I had to turn the shower on.

Staring with utmost devotion,
We hold each other under the shower,
With arms around each other,
We prepare for our love hour.

Like a fantasy cascade,
Like a flowing waterfall,
Drops of tears coming from above,
Drops of water pouring from a rainfall.

My two hands entice her face,
Pulling hers closer to mine,
As we kiss under the shower,
Our lips intertwine.

The kiss seemed to last forever,
As our lips finally depart,
Her eyes slowly open,
As this was only the start.