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You hate me, I love you.

by Stacinator

Everything was perfect,
And nothing went wrong.
Our love was amazing,
And we usually got along.

Those little fights were nothing,
At least nothing compared to now.
I broke your heart and I was stupid,
I'd do anything to get you back somehow.

Because of what happened,
It's me you hate.
I hurt inside too,
And I regret this mistake.

Another chance for "us,"
Is way out of the question.
And to just be friends?
That I won't mention.

What brought us together,
Was what ripped us apart.
Our different point of views,
And our opposite sized hearts.

I thought I could move on,
But I'm just not ready.
The memories are fresh,
And makes my head really heavy.

If we were together,
I wouldn't let go.
You were the only one for me,
Until I let go.

I can't forget you,
And I never will.
Our relationship was rocky,
But I surely loved the thrill.