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The Two Sunrises

by lisa marie

When the sailing clouds finally break
You're what i find and what i conceal
And when the sun quietly awakes
You're the wholeness that i feel

Through the eyes of the unheard face,
The look in the unfamiliar voice.
And only you in my constant embrace
Because you're my world and my only choice

So when the moon starts to sing.
Wash my love in this natrual spring.
Because tonight the stars are dancing around.
And my pretty face and lies can be confound.

Listen to the voices drifting in the wind
And purify us and all we've sinned
Admire the rainbows graceful life
That will beautify our endless strife.

Because today we'll grow on a tree
And live forever in our own lasting love
Cause the water in the sky pours in the sea
Holding us together with heaven above

If you could only see what's under the ground
You'd find my happiness and all of my disguises
So take this shovel and dig all around
Until you reach my love in the two sunrises.