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Believe me

by dezi

Tonight when I finally opened up,
I realized it was long over due.
I have been working on this issue,
for so long I didn't know what to do.

I was scared and wished I shut down.
All I could think of is you,
and what would you do.
Nothing was accomplished,
except for tearing your heart into two
I couldn't take the pain away...
it was already too late.

I knew it was going to be over,
and I didn't deserve another chance.
What I did was unforgivable,
and only with time we will see...
If we can embark on a new destiny.

when we meet in real life,
we will be ending this drawn out mystery...
if we were meant to be.
or have a friendship that will last an eternity.
I love you baby, for what ever it's worth
...if anything please believe me