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The Perfect Guy

by ♥Munchkin♥

I used to have fantasies of love,
And how it's supposed to be,
The perfect guy, perfect kiss,
The perfect life for me,

I dreamed of a love perfect,
No fighting, tears or confusion,
Just feeling completely clear,
No surrealism or illusion,

A touch that made me melt,
A kiss that made me shiver,
A stare that made my heart stop,
A smile that made me quiver,

i dreamt of a guy so perfect,
I used to think he was too good to be true,
I thought I was wishing too high,
That was... until I found you,

The dreams I dreamt I'm now living,
The man I pictured is now real,
The experiences I wished for can now happen,
The feelings I imagined I now feel,

i love you with all my heart,
With everything I am,
i promise to love you forever more,
And give you the best dream love I can.