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My Everything

by sandra

I've only just met you
But I love you so much
Every time we talk,
Every time we touch

When I see you in the hall
I get weak at the knees
Its like you can see things
No one else sees

I feel so alive
When I talk to you so
I love learning things about you
That I didn't know

I can open up so freely
Like I couldn't in the past
You are my everything
I hope that we last

You only just liked me
But I've liked you for so long
And now that I'm with you
It feels like nothing can go wrong

No more depression
No more fears
No more nights
That I shed tears

You are my everything
You make me free
I know that you will be there
To love and protect me

I'm rushing in so fast
While you take is slow
I love you so much
More than you'll ever know

And if you break my heart
And then find someone new
I want you to know
I will always love you

I'll never forget you
You are my everything
And you'll never know
Of the happiness you bring