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The Fiery Blaze of Love

by Prince Enigma

Her screams were heard everywhere,
"Please save me, Please save me,"
Trapped behind the wall of fire,
I wanted to set her free.

They held me back,
I struggled with all my might,
They would not let me go,
The most horrific sight.

To watch the person you love,
Scream with agony and pain,
Helpless and powerless,
Suffering I cannot contain.

My hands reach out for her,
As we become more distant,
My eyes start to tear,
I suddenly feel nonexistent.

The firefighters took too long,
I was too late, they were too late,
She collapses to the ground,
This cannot be her fate.

Water drenches her body,
The medics carry her away,
Rushing her to the hospital,
All I could do was pray.

Waiting countless days outside,
I wanted to know if she was OK,
The doctors said she's breathing,
And I can see her at the end of the day.

The longest wait of my life,
I finally open the door,
All I can see is her back,
I couldn't wait anymore.

As she turned around,
She had 100 scars and no hair,
Burnt skin from the fiery blaze,
I didn't care.

I gave her 100 hugs and kisses,
And told her life can be unfair,
And that nothing will keep us apart,
Because our love will always be there.