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With You

by Willow

How do I feel when I'm with you?
As fresh as the Morning, and sweet as her dew
Do you remember that time we kissed?
It was a moment in time, seeled with bliss
My love for you is as pure as sweet Aphroditi
But my lust comes like a lion mighty
How do I feel when I'm with you?
It's like the surging tide, and the waves that ensue
If I could get for you the stars in the sky
I might fail, but I'll forever try
Never tommorow and always today
Love is but the chorus in Life's romantice serenade
It is as beautiful as a delicate red rose
As close as the fog, meaning to impose
Something not meant to be forced
A poison in my veins that smoothly coursed
Till I lay sick in bed
With these dreams all cupid led
Love gives me wings so I must fly
Wings made of soft words caressed by a sigh
The moon hangs by a silvery whisper
But my heart hangs more dangerously so
On a promise strung low
So this is how I feel with you
A footprint in time that lasts never
But is remembered forever