Read Love Poems


by Hopeless Romantic

Why do i worry so much about
your happiness and not my own.
why do i want to make you smile
even if it makes me frown.

Why is it you mean so much
to me this soon after we met.
why is it i Will do whatever you ask
and always without regrets.

Why does it matter what i wear
when i know I'm going to see you.
why do i worry about everything
that I'm going to say or do.

How can the beauty of your eyes
seem to hold my gaze.
i can never seem free myself
from their eternal maze.

How does the sweetness of your lips
keep bringing me back for more.
how does the tenderness of your touch
reach me to the very core.

why is it i want you around.
why is it i want you close by.
its because i love you darlin,
more and more as days go by.

For Jessica