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It'll Forever Stay

by Debbie

I told you how much I loved you
and the price I paid was high.
Now I've scared you off,
but I won't stop to cry.

I still wonder what if
I didn't say "I love you."
Would we still be together?
Would we still be through?

My old dream was of "us,"
and then I awoke with a start.
Now I'm left all alone
and with a broken heart.

If I would've stayed dreaming
and not awoke that night,
would I still be clueless?
Would loving you be so right?

My mistake wasn't loving you,
it was telling you so.
Now that I confessed my love,
away you did go.

Whenever I feel I'm over you,
the feelings come rushing back.
Maybe you were just scared,
so I will cut you some slack.

I still don't know if your feelings
for me were ever really true.
I'm still not sure you really meant it
when you said "I love you."

How could you just let
something this special fly away?
I know what I felt for you...
and in my heart it'll forever stay.