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It's Up To You

by Debbie

I still don't know about a lot of things,
but I know this much is true.
I wish you knew how much happiness you bring,
because I would still die for you.

After all of this I have a broken heart,
because of the pain you did make.
Now I am hurt and falling apart.
Did you not know how easily my heart did break?

The party started out just fun and games,
but then the night went on.
We ended up dancing and then we kissed,
and now the games are gone.

I had gotten caught up in the moment
when I said "I love you, too."
Right then I didn't know the depth of the words
that I later learned were true.

Now you say that you were drunk,
and these things you didn't mean to say.
Is all that's left just a painful memory,
and tears that will forever stay?

I guess the choice is up to you now,
so do what you feel is right.
I will still be here through and through,
I promise you each and every night.