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You Are Everything

by Sarah Ann

You are my air when I can't breathe
My sight when I can't see
You are my star in a cloudy sky
For you mean everything to me

You are my tears when I am happy
My smile when I am sad
You are the energy that keeps me living
Whenever I am mad

You are my way out when I can't leave
The light that guides my way
That gentle push with every breeze
For just your presence brightens my day

You are my dreams every night
The medicine for my pain
You are the reason why I'm still here
That gives me everything to gain

You are the wind beneath my wings
The ignition in my heart
You are the only one who I can trust
My love right from the start

You are the soul that keeps me living
At night you are the one I am dreaming of
The one who always controls my mind
And my only concept of endless love