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Incomplete Without You

by HJ

My life has reeked of much despair.
The wings of an angel I softly tear.

Sorry now, wanting me to take you back.
Who are you, if not but a stranger in black.

Back then you were childish and unfair.
Playing a dangerous game without a care.

In the public eye acting like we never cared.
The camera's flashed away and people stared.

Only in death do we really say goodbye.
I have always loved you, I wanted to try.

I waited day after day for it to rain.
Hoping to wash away all my pain.

Nobody knows you, but they know your name.
Destroyed what you had for such great fame.

Falling without my wings into evening glory.
Never to feel the air of a fairytale story.

Then I saw the future in my dreams last night.
A message not to give up this fight.

I'm telling you this from my heart.
I hate the thought of us forever apart.

I will always love you, think of you everyday.
Looking into your eyes, you take my breath away.

Maybe I should carry on without you.
But I just cannot find the way to.

We've learned from our mistakes, so let us try.
You are everything, don't want to say goodbye.

Fear or trust...Will you catch me if I fall?
Destroy or build...What will your destiny call?

I forgive you.