Read Love Poems


by sam kings

You hold me close,
hands stroking my back,
smother me in kisses,
which I'm soon to lack.
my eyes start to burn,
as I blink back the tears,
trying my best to smile,
concealing my fears.

I choke on a sob,
as you whisper goodbye,
praying to god,
I wont break down and cry.
I need to have faith,
I need to be strong,
I'll just have to wait,
you wont be too long.

you pull away and leave me,
sorrow in your eyes,
the pain is etched on my face,
its too hard to disguise.
when you leave,
I'm filled with dread,
can't help to imagine,
you lying there dead.

why do you have to go,
and fight this awful war,
each and every time you leave,
I miss you more and more.
my life's non-existent,
without you by my side,
the only reason you wont return,
is you'll dent your precious pride.

my minds comatose,
I cant even think,
pushing me over the edge,
I'm right on the brink.
everyday I turn on the news,
terrorist bombs, soldiers dying,
children screaming,
women crying.

please come home,
and release my soul,
the thought of you returning,
is keeping me whole.
I pray that you'll make it,
that you'll live to tell,
the story of this terrible war,
thats making my life hell.

that fateful day,
I received the news,
you were gone forever,
my soul was bruised.
my life ended,
my world was shattered,
nothing left,
nothing mattered.

my tears were never ending,
continuously rolling down my cheeks
I hoped that they would form an ocean,
and I'd drown in despair so bleak.
I couldn't get my head round it,
couldn't except the fact,
that I would never see you again,
it coloured my days all black.

a thousand questions,
swimming in my mind,
hoping that one day,
the answers I might find.
why does he choose to do it?
take someone so pure and good,
but I know that you're in heaven,
with loved ones you are stood.

suddenly realization dawns,
while I'm sitting alone and cold once more,
a smile creeps slowly up to my face,
and of nothing I could be more sure.
I wonder how I ever believed,
that we were far apart,
for a part of you will always be,
forever in my heart.

for what we had was special,
and in me it will lay,
a love so strong and beautiful,
will never go away.
I hold on to the hope,
desperately fighting away the pain,
because I know when my time finally comes,
in heaven I'll see you again.