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Love of a different kind

by TaTtErEdXhEaRt

I knew the day i said i loved him
that he would change my life
I never knew the change would come
with the blade of a kitchen knife.

Our story starts out perfect
we never had a fight
but the anger on his face
said that would end that night

I don't know what caused it
but he just went insane
saying if i didn't love him
I deserved to be in pain

He said he'd keep me forever
even if i said no
I got scared and started to run
but he wouldn't let me go

I tried to tell him i loved him
i told him id never leave
I was starting to get scared now
and i guess he didn't believe..

Because he grabbed a knife off the counter
and he whispered "please don't cry"
he slit my wrists down the center
and left me there to die..

Lucky for me i made it..
Lucky i found the phone..
I can never ask him why he did it
because i woke up in blood alone..

And his body looked so twisted
but i guess it matched his mind
now hes dead and I'm not
It was love of a different kind.