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Soul Mate

by Taylor

We got together after school,
To play games and have some fun,
Who ever knew, that'd be the day,
I'd find out you're the one?

You scooped me up, just for fun,
But I looked straight in your eyes,
You gazed back and somehow I knew,
You'd be different from the other guys,

My hair fell in my face,
You pushed it back with your hand,
It was such a romantic moment,
Like something we had planned.

OK maybe not to you,
But he did it oh so sweet,
I knew at that one moment
He'd make me feel complete.

When everyone left,
It was only him and me,
Sitting in the parking lot,
Was when I began to see.

We'd fallen in love,
That thing that I hate,
But somehow he did it,
He became my soul mate.

It was dead silent,
Neither said a word,
The only sound for miles,
Was the light call of a bird.

He grabbed my hand,
And held it tight,
For the first time I felt
Every things was just right.