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First Kiss

by David Paul

I looked in your eyes and asked if I could,
You just stood silent so I knew that I should,
Then just to make sure I asked if you'd let me,
And all you said was that I'd have to come and see.

So I walked right up to give you the kiss,
Even with our eyes closed we still didn't miss,
We met in the middle and began the fight,
Emotions rushed over me this clear summer night.

As our tongues moved in unity our souls did too,
At this moment I knew no one else but you,
I could smell your hair and feel your skin,
I could taste your refreshing breath as my tongue slid in.

Then you pulled away and asked how it felt,
I was still speechless at the cards you had delt,
When I finally answered we left going the same way,
And I'll remember my first for the rest of my days.