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My Greatest Questions

by Jorge

Why does it feels like its raining on a sunny day?
Why does it feels like I'm crying when I laugh?
Is this the price I am doomed to pay?
Is this feeling going away, or is it always going to last?

Why do I fail to make her happy?
Why do I fail to make her like me?
Is it because of who I am that I feel crappy?
Or is it because of how I look that she despises me?

Why do I continue even thou I know its over?
Why do I continue to think that she might change?
Is it because I promised to always love her?
Or is it because I know that my love will never fade?

Why do I keep writing these stupid poems?
Why do I confess everything in these stupid verses?
Is it because I want someone to understand them?
To understand that my love is truly endless.