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Inside and Out

by Amanda

Little girl don't hold your head down
someone like you should never frown
Whenever your sad, so is the sky
The clouds bring rain as if to cry
Whenever your hurt so is the world
feeling the pain of one little girl
There will be times when things get rough
but please find the strength to hold you head up

Because you have the power, I know that you do
Your strong heart and strong mind will help see you through
When your in trouble or even in doubt
Know that you have the strength inside and out

Little girl don't cover your face
your distinctive beauty cannot be erased
Even when you hide your smile and eyes
I can still see the beauty that lives inside
If people took time to notice this
they would finally know what gorgeous is
Whenever the word "ugly" is used
you know that person isn't talking to you
Because you have a beauty that stands out from the rest
You deserve first place in every beauty contest
If anyone says different,don't listen to them
because you are beautiful, outside and in.