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Thank you for saving me...

by TaTtErEdXhEaRt

He was the one that stood beside me
And said you'll make it through
just keep on believing
and know that i love you

He told me i was perfect
I was beautiful and strong
but every time he said it
i told him he was wrong

I wondered why he loved me
why he would even care
or bother with a person
who was barely there

The skinnier i got
the more he yelled at me
he told me that i worried him
but i said let me be

all he wanted was for me to have the courage
to tell myself i needed to eat
but i tried and i tried and it never helped
I was too weak, id been beat

I was starting to grow to hate him
for forcing me with a spoon
and our relationship became strangled
and i figured id lose him soon

But he stayed by my side
through my harsh words
and he held my hand the whole time
baby you've got to get better,
so i can make you mine..

He stayed each night at the hospital
they gave him his own bed
and i promised him id eat
so he could go home instead..

Through his strength i found he loved me
and thats all i needed to know
and with him by my side
i continued to grow..

A year later i was doing much better
I was even back to school
but the girls were so hateful
they treated me so cruel..

Every day id go home and cry myself to sleep
and every evening id wake up
and he'd tell me not to weep..

He made me feel so special
he helped me fight this through
now we've gone our separate ways
but i will never forget he was true.