Read Love Poems


by Slotts

The oceans may dry with drought,
The sky may lose its blue;
But one thing that will never end,
Is my undying love for you.

Stone walls erected may crumble soon,
And clothes will rip and tear;
But the one thing that will never happen,
Is that I will cease to care.

In shallow waters it seemed I lived,
My companions were pain and strife.
My mother may have birthed me,
But your love gave me life.

My body lies in waiting,
My soul is filled with bliss.
With memories of me and you,
I hunger for your kiss.

Pain and suffering means nothing,
When I'm with you, they are but lies.
Your gentle touch, your softest breath
...As I look into your eyes.

Being in your presence,
strips every form of my control.
Your smile warms my very heart,
Your touch, my very soul.

And when I die and go to heaven,
When death replaces birth,
I'll recognize the angels' faces,
For I lived with one on earth.