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My Dream

by David Toh

Another night has come,
And I'm still not feeling much better.
I still can't face the fact,
That we're no longer together.

As I begin to lie on my bed,
I remember the special times we had.
Nothing else in this entire world,
Can seems to make me glad.

I slowly start to close my eyes,
And think about how special you are.
I'm not sure whether to smile or cry,
So I allow these thoughts to drift afar.

Just imagining about you,
And picturing your lovely smile.
Somehow, everything is so perfect,
Everything feels worthwhile.

The thought of looking into your eyes,
My heart suddenly skips a beat.
There is just something about you,
Which sweeps me off my feet.

Dreaming bout you here by my side,
I hope this dream goes on for eternity.
I don't think you fully understand,
Just how much you really mean to me.

There is just a feeling within me,
That somehow I know is real.
I know that the emptiness in my heart,
Only your love can fill.

If I said sorry a million times,
Would I ever be forgiven?
Would you smile and hold me?
And allow me into your heaven?

If I ran a thousand miles for you,
Would you run and hold my hand?
Could you leave the past behind?
And accept me for who I am?

If I knocked on your door,
How is it going to end?
Would you open up your heart,
And let me come back in?