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What happend to her?

by Sing me another sad song

She always dreamed
she always loved
she was always happy

what happened to her
was it guy problems?
was it loneliness or sadness?

whatever it was it changed her
it changed they way she thought
it changed the way she saw things

soon after she was silent
not a word she said
cause she knew shed be hurt

all the laughter
it soon got to her
it was to much, she thought

as she sat there
with a knife in one hand
she thought to herself

things might get better
i will wait, it will get better
i am strong i can fight this

but she didn't
she was weak
she had a razor blade

and she used it
she cut herself everyday
she said it calmed her

all her friends told her not to
she did’t listen to them
so they ignored her

it got bad, to bad
she thought this will be the end
as she holds a gun

but then she stared
stared to cry
saying why did i have to be born?

she cried herself to sleep that night
and the morning as she woke
she packed her stuff and left

she meet this guy and they are walking
he told her he loved her
she hoped it was true

she stopped cutting herself
and things looked better
but after long, things changed

he told her he loved some one else
she denied it
then she got home and calmed herself down

after she stopped bleeding she took a knife
and said see what that guy did to me
i hate myself she whispered

she cried, and cried
and that's all she did
she really did love him

she had many hearts broken
but not like this
this one hurt her

she felt sorrow, regret, pain
all cause him
then she said i have to be strong

so she stayed strong
she stopped cutting herself
and she started to talk more

she believed that she belonged here
she kept fighting on
she dint let any one get to her head

she stayed strong....