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My First Kiss (re-done)

by Poetic Tragedy08

We sat down
With no one near
Nothing to worry about
Nothing to fear
You grabbed my hand
Looked into my eyes
I knew this was it
This is where it all ties
You asked me that question
The one I wanted to hear
"Want a kiss?"
And our lips came near
At first you handed me
A Hershey's kiss
So then I thought
What kind of joke is this?
Then you leaned toward me
As you began to start
I sat so still watching
You began to win my heart
Your lips gently
Went with mine
This was too perfect
Exactly at the right time
Your lips were so gentle
It lasted forever
But it was so short
We weren't even together
I still relive that moment
I still relive that kiss
I remember my emotions ran high
That night...was total bliss