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Let's Talk

by Hopeless Romantic

Even though I've never met you,
I feel i can tell you everything.
All about my sad times,
my sorrows and my pains.

I know i can tell you,
everything i feel.
and i know that my feelings
are one hundred percent real.

I pray you will give me the chance
to show you what i mean.
all of these emotions you say,
cant come from a teen.

But i tell you they can.
they're coming from me now.
these feelings are as strong,
as a lover's wedding vows.

all of these things,
Ive been wanting to tell you.
but i didn't know how.
i didn't have a clue.

Now that I've told you
just how much i care.
please don't reject me.
we would make the perfect pair.

If you feel the same way,
then return this to me.
and our lasting love
will be the object of all envy.