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Never Meant To Hurt You

by edy

When I first said goodbye
When I actually left you
I thought I didnt care
I didnt think "we" were true

Young and Immature
A man that had yet to be
I didn't want to care
I wanted to be free

I walked out of your life
Never looked back
Dated another person
And looked beyond our past

I than realized I cared
As I saw you walking in the halls
I realized that I cared
So Long after all

I than began to forget
As I spent time with her
I also saw you everyday
Wondering how you were

As the days went by
You were no longer to be seen
But a couple of years later
I saw you in my dreams

Wishing to see you again
Hoping you would forget
How I broke your heart
And How I had left

How I never let you know
How I truly feel
How I never told you
I was still missing you

So I call you today
Because I saw you in my dream
I know its odd
As weird as it may seem

I call you to tell you
I never forgot
They way you cared
And how we never fought

A necesity in my life
Good friend indeed
I call you to apologize
For bieng a Jerk and for bringing out the worse in me.