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No More Goodbyes

by Mike G

I see you sitting there
Lonely and broken hearted
Wallowing in self pity
Over a love that has since departed
His departure was so abrupt
Without warning, without notice
Unintentionally breaking your heart
Without granting you a last kiss
As you stare into his picture
And the tears roll through your eyes
You look at me and whisper
“He always hated saying goodbyes”
As I console you in my arms
And brush the hair back from your face
I just can’t help but wonder
How any man can take his place
Is it possible to heal your heart
After all that you’ve been through
To once again make you smile
And love like you have nothing to lose
Well I accept this responsibility
And consider it an honor and a blessing
I promise to give all that I am to you
And tell you all my secrets worth confessing
In hopes that you can love again
A love much like you felt for him
I promise to be your comfort
Your lover and your friend
I promise to always be there
Right there by your side
And most of all I promise
To never say goodbye